Aubade, Coco Blues Collection, Fall 2011 French Lingerie is a Little Special Lingerie: Effective Tool of Seduction

Aubade, Coco Blues Collection, Fall 2011

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Aubade, Coco Blues Collection, Fall 2011
lise charmel precieux vintage

Inspired by the romantic chic of the 1920s, the new fine lingerie collection from Aubade, called Coco Blues, has been designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Unique lingerie designs accomplished in jacquard fabric and delicate lace, virtuously incorporate retro details with a modern cut.

aubade, coco blues, bois de rose, nightie

Aubade, Coco Blues, Nightie, Bois de Rose (above)

The original lingerie styles of Coco Blues look playfully vibrant thanks to the use of the contrasting colors by Aubade designers. The Emotion color combination of two-tone grey and deep pink is full of drama. The Bois de Rose palette of light pink and black is charming and girly. The Smocky color duo of light grey and white is very feminine and romantic.

aubade, coco blues, bois de rose, half cup bra, demi, tanga

Aubade, Coco Blues, Half-Cup Bra (Demi Bra), Tanga with Suspenders, Bois de Rose (above)

Aubade‘s signature touch for Coco Blues collection are precious embroidered lace Camelias that adorn the bras in front middle gore, as well as offer a flirtatious decoration to the panties. The double rows of ribbons wrapping around the bra cups and around the front of the panties add a sensual touch to these exquisite pieces.

aubade, coco blues, plunge bra, tanga with suspenders, lecon 115

Aubade, Coco Blues,  Lecon 115, Plunge Bra, Tanga with Suspenders, Bois de Rose (above)

All Coco Blues collection pieces are beautiful in their own way and can be mixed and matched for an elegant and dramatic look. We love the sheer charm of Coco Blues Half-cup Bra, full of refined splendor and feminine charm. We also admire the chiseled look of Coco Blues 3/4 Cup Bra with the lower portion of the cup accomplished in jacquard printed fabric and the upper portion of the cups executed in fine lace.

aubade, coco blues, plunge bra, italian brief, emotion

Aubade, Coco Blues,  Plunge Bra, Italian Brief, Emotion (above)

Among our favorite Coco Blues panty styles is the Aubade‘s signature style, called Saint Tropez Brief featuring front and back panels made of sheer lace and a gusset area accomplished in jacquard fabric to offer perfect fit and comfort. The Coco Blues Italian Brief is one of the most flattering and comfortable styles to wear. While it provides  a moderate coverage of the back and bottom areas, it also offers the most elegant and sexy silhouette.

aubade, coco blues, 3/4 cup bra, emotion

Aubade, Coco Blues, 3/4 Cup Bra, Emotion (above)

French Lingerie is a Little Special

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French Lingerie is a Little Special
lise charmel precieux vintage

In France, the lingerie fashion industry is characterized by innovative designs and styles. French Lingerie is made up of different fabrics. As a general rule, manufacturers use levers lace, satin or cotton in most of their undergarment products. Other French lingerie products are made up of silk and lace.

Lise Charmel Passion Amoureuse push up bra

Lise Charmel, Passion Amoureuse, Push-up Bra (above)

Silks and satins, characterized by their luxurious shimmer are perfect canvases for the lingerie artwork accomplished in embroideries and lace. The luster makes silk and satin key materials for high-end and expensive lingerie. Any French lingerie brand is treasured by many women and they swear by that brand. Lingerie is a piece of clothing which makes the woman feel comfortable and this has a direct impact on the confidence level of the woman. The woman who has ever worn a lingerie piece by French brand is of the opinion that there is no other brand which gives them the same feel and comfort and the brand is unmatchable in all respects.

Lise Charmel Passion Amoureuse demi bra

Lise Charmel, Passion Amoureuse, Push-up Bra (above)

A lot of women like the idea of having a vast collection of lingerie. There are many different kinds and each of them would have different purposes. French lingerie is considered as the most sought-after and fashionable lingerie all around the world. These products from France can make any woman feel sexier, more sensual and more confident. French lingerie presents a vast variety of women lingerie from beautiful gowns and robes to exquisite bustiers, hosiery, and of course, bras and panties! Fine French lingerie oozes sophistication – from the most luxurious fabrics, to fashion forward and flattering cuts, it has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that try as they might, is impossible to emulate. French lingerie offers something for every woman – from chic simplicity, to curve enhancing corsetry and French lingerie couture.

lise charmel love concerto short lace robe

Lise Charmel, Love Concerto, Short Lace Robe (above)

When you buy French lingerie you know you are getting something a little special. The designs have been thought out and made to ooze sex appeal whilst staying comfortable and functional. The most popular French lingerie brands that can be found at any online lingerie store are Chantelle, Simone Perele, Lise Charmel, Lejaby, and Audabe.

lise charmel love concerto shorty

Lise Charmel, Love Concerto, Shorty (Boyshort) (above)

These brands are well-known for their elegance and exception. For example, Audabe were the first brand to dare to use color in lingerie and to launch the concept of matching sets, while Chantelle was the first to apply the vulcanization invention to foundation garments.

If you consider these luxury lingerie collections, be sure to become the most desired woman. Take a look at acquisitive Lise Charmel Passion Amoureuse Collection, or pay attention at Simone Perele Illusion collection, also take into consideration Lejaby la Garconne Collection… A great variety of luxurious items that French lingerie brands can offer will never cease to impress people all over the globe.

lise charmel love concerto leg garter

Lise Charmel, Love Concerto, Leg Garter (above)

If you decided to visit a lingerie store looking for French lingerie, don’t look any further and consider online lingerie stores. There you can take a look at various collections without being rushed. You can take your time while choosing an appropriate lingerie set and worry no more about your lingerie wardrobe. Take a chance and enjoy the variety that French lingerie market offers nowadays.

lise charmel elegance regate deep blue long sleeve top

Lise Charmel, Elegance Regate, Long Sleeve Top (above)

Lingerie: Effective Tool of Seduction

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Lingerie: Effective Tool of Seduction
lise charmel precieux vintage

The female body has always been percieved as  sophisticated, alluring, and mysterious all at the same time. The female silhouette has always had its enchanting presence since a long time ago and even until today it still holds the power of seduction. Why not highlight the best parts of female body with the attractive see-through lingerie? It’s always the right time to tempt and tease someone special with sheer lingerie.

lise charmel look fatal

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal,  Shelf Bra & Garter Belf (above)

But it’s also very important to know what kind of sheer lingerie to wear, when the appropriate case is and what it is usually worn with. Interested in being a bit coy with your partner? Nothing will tease them more than slipping into some sheer lingerie. These sexy sets of mesh panties, lace bras and full body stockings are a surefire hit for any romantic endeavor. Crank up the dial even further with a sexy silk robe and you can reveal as little or as much as you like. Your partner will be willing to do just about anything, including washing the windows. However, sheer lingerie is designed not only for teasing a partner; it was also created for wearing under plain outerwear.

lise charmel look fatal babydoll

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal, Nightie & Mask (above)

Like you, many women feel confident and desirable when they wear see through lingerie. This sexy piece of clothing does not only highlight your beautiful figure but it also stirs a lot of sex appeal. If you consider wearing see-through lingerie, take a look at lingerie collections that French lingerie brands offer. For example, you may want to consider Simone Perele Avant Premiere Collection. This all-lace red lingerie is especially designed for put an emphasis on female beauty. The chiseled and precious look, as well as elegant shades, make this line a timeless treasure.

lise charmel look fatal babydoll

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal, detail (above)

You should not underestimate the powere of lingerie, which can be the simplest, but most effective tool of seduction. Usually, chiffon or sheer mesh fabric is a top choice for see-though lingerie because it looks both playful and subtle. It embraces your body and emphasizes the curves. One of the top lingerie collections to consider is the Lise Charmel Look Fatal Collection.

lise charmel look fatal chemise

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal, Chemise (above)

Full of charm and seduction to the ulitmate refinement, the collection canvas is sheer tulle sprinkled with sensual embroidies and decorated with jeweled details. The dramatic play of ruby red and deep navy blue make this collection especially perfect for those special occasions and lingerie gift giving. This see-through lingerie line is seductive and at the same time romantic and elegant.

lejaby, belle de jour, uplif bra, tanga

Lejaby, Belle de Jour, Uplift Bra & Tanga (above)

See-through lingerie can be also found in Lejaby collection. This unique lingerie brand is famous for compiling such features as romance and passion. Belle de Jour line that is presented by Lejaby is made of gorgeous beige (Nut color) stretch lace, where the guipure and the transparency elements are fused together to the point of no-show. This and many other lingerie collections which are devoted to see-through lingerie can be found in a specialty lingerie store that works with luxurious French lingerie brands.

lise charmel look fatal Retro High Waist Brief

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal, Push-up Bra, Retro Brief (above)

In fact, more and more women today consider sheer lingerie as a must-have item in their wardrobe. Getting hold of the perfect lingerie, however, can be quite a daunting task because of the tremendous number of styles that are out there. Most lingerie stores offer seductive and romantic see-through lingerie for various kinds of occasions. See-through lingerie set can be bought either as a lingerie gift or as a little female caprice.

lise charmel look fatal thong

Lise Charmel, Look Fatal, Sexy Thong (above)

Men are Visual Creatures

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Men are Visual Creatures
lise charmel precieux vintage
Wearing sexy lingerie can transform a relationship as well as giving the wearer confidence and a better outlook on life. By its nature most lingerie is sexy and seductive, even the most ordinary bra can be found sexy if there is a great deal of attraction between partners. But there is lingerie manufactured with the sole purpose and intention of being found seductive.
Baci Lingerie
You can find such kinds of lingerie at any lingerie store. Many of these garments are created to be shared by a couple in the privacy of their home, and in the pleasures of their own imaginations. Lingerie will always be the cherry on top of the ice cream because men are visual creatures, they have wild fantasies swimming in their minds, and making at least one or two of those fantasies come true will definitely have him on his knees for you.
Baci Lingerie
Seductive lingerie can not only spice up your life or enhance your self-assurance. It will be mice to have seductive lingerie set in your wardrobe for making it various. You will find an occasion to wear seductive lingerie set for sure. When buying seductive underwear, it’s important to decide on lingerie designer.
Baci Lingerie
Depending on your budget, you might have a hard time buying from the higher class lingerie stores, and if this is the case, you can always turn to the more affordable online lingerie sites since these are both made with the best quality materials and are affordable for any woman who wants to have a nice piece of seductive lingerie on the side.
Baci Lingerie
When choosing the right seductive lingerie set for yourself to make you lover want you, you have to know the needs, illusions and desires of your guy to know what will make him the most happy. If he regularly sees you as sexy and wild, he will always be ready to come seeking you for his pleasure. Consider seductive look by French lingerie designer Simone Perele.
simone perele tresor contour bra
Tresor Collection that this brand presents is everything that your man has ever dream of. The line is featured in Vogue which makes it a treasure for all! Its gorgeous contrasting white floral details alongside a sensual velvet bow make it a must have for this season. Moreover, it makes you feel tempting and alluring.
Baci Lingerie
Seductive lingerie can include sheer lingerie gowns or transparent lingerie garments like bras and panties offering only glimpses of the body and tempting a partner to act, or seductive lingerie can be a pair of black vinyl chaps with a matching thong and bra top used to perform an exotic dance maneuver or routine.
Baci Lingerie
Seductive lingerie line by Baci Lingerie is both elegant and arousing. Designed to make you feel more seductive, this everyday collection combines delicate floral lace with unique pleated accents for true comfort and elegance.
Baci Lingerie
Whether it’s a simple chemise, an attractive baby doll, daring sheer lingerie, or just simple seductive lingerie, you’ll definitely want to have a set or a piece in your drawer in case you and your partner decide to go on a special date or a weekend getaway together.
Baci Lingerie

Sometimes Lingerie is Meant to be Seen

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Sometimes Lingerie is Meant to be Seen
lise charmel precieux vintage
Whether an upcoming holiday promises a gathering with friends, family, co-workers, or complete strangers there are opportunities aplenty to turn on the glitz and glamour.  If you want to learn more about underwear which is essential for every holiday, try to study a range of holiday lingerie that is being offered nowadays. Sometimes lingerie is meant to be seen, and when that time comes, the favorite piece to show off every woman has. Some love wearing bras with deep scoop neck dresses, so that just a little bit of the opulent lace trim is visible.  It’s crazy-seductive. Since those mysterious hours after the party are just as important as the party itself, it’s vital for every woman to have the most alluring and captivating look without her dress on.
lise charmel magic sexy
During the holidays the same old lingerie won’t do. Spice it up with fun and festive sexy holiday lingerie you may not wear all year long. Sexy holiday lingerie will come in the traditional colors of red, white and green with red and white being most popular. Holiday lingerie can be purchased for yourself, for starters. If you want it to be seasonal, then go all out for outfits fit the occasion. Otherwise, you can opt for holiday lingerie which encompasses the seasonal colors or patterns so that you can use it later on throughout the year on a random day of the week without looking silly. Buying lingerie online is far more inexpensive than buying off the rack at the stores. Online retailers can offer deals you won’t find anywhere else and a far wider selection. The possibilities are endless.
lise charmel magic sexy bra
Holiday lingerie can also function as a gift for close friends or your significant other. If you are buying holiday lingerie for someone not your significant other, and it is perhaps being given at a large family gathering, be careful that the items you order are appropriate.
lise charmel magic sexy embroidered
Most of your name brand lingerie stores will produce Christmas accessories or other holiday accessories around the appropriate time so keep your eyes open. If you want to dress up as a sexy Santa’s helper or a naughty little elf, try to visit one of numerous online stores. They carry an amazing assortment of lacy, racy holiday themed unmentionables in all sorts of colors and styles. There you will find Christmas panties, candy cane lingerie sets, winter wonderland fantasy nighties, etc.
lise charmel magic sexy chemise
You may also add a holiday look to your underwear by wearing masks and cuffs. For example, Lise Charmel brand presents sexy – chic beauty, sensual refinement, and ultra feminine materials, chic and daring shapes that are perfectly classy.
lise charmel magic sexy garter belt
They are intended to be worn while the best moments of life, celebration, with seductive lingerie bringing erotic-chic sophisticated tendency! Have a look at Lise Charmel Pretty Sexy cuff, or Sexy Mondaine masque, which is a luxurious and refined style for a smart erotic line where the elegant woman can quench all her desires of extreme reactionary femininity. Add fun and adventure to this holiday season with a drawer full of festive sexy holiday lingerie.
lise charmel magic sexy thong

Wedding Leg Garter, A Must Have Little Accessory

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Wedding Leg Garter, A Must Have Little Accessory
lise charmel precieux vintage

Today, the tradition of the wedding garter is tame in comparison to France of the 14th century. Throwing garters is considered to be the oldest surviving wedding tradition. Numerous wedding garter traditions have been obtained over the years that still seem to become rules of etiquette today. Back in Dark Ages it was customary for friends, relatives and guests to accompany the bridal couple to the marriage bed. Deemed a lucky token, this classical wedding accessory made of silk and lace is still coveted by groomsmen and single men attending wedding receptions.

bridal leg garter

During the nineteenth century, as brides and grooms became uncomfortable with visitors in their chambers, the tradition evolved to that of the bride tossing her garter to the groomsmen before the end of the reception. However, the men would often become violent competing for the garter and would sometimes tear at the bride’s dress or even flip her upside down to take the garter off before she had a chance. To many American brides, their wedding ensemble just would not be complete without the addition of a fancy garter worn under the bridal gown.
wedding leg garter

Most brides today choose to have two garters. One is for tossing and the other is for the wedding night, as well as to keep as part of her bridal trousseau. Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee. In Northern England the old custom was for male guests to rush the bride at the altar when the ceremony was finished and remove her garter from her leg. In the panic this usually meant the bride was knocked over and trampled on. The removal of the garter then symbolizes the loss of the bride’s virginity.

bridal leg garter

Greed took over the tradition and it was common for guests to stampede toward the bride at the alter to get the garter. Throwing the garter to the mob saved the bride from being trampled. The guest who received the garter would then wear it on his hat until he gave it to a woman for luck.

wedding leg garter

Today, the garter toss ritual has evolved once again. Even though the wedding garter toss ritual has changed somewhat over time, for some couples the tradition of wearing and tossing the garter is still one of the most anticipated events at a wedding. Before the removal of the garter, the bride first throws her bouquet to the single women.

wedding leg garter

The groom removes the throw away garter from the brides leg, sometimes he removes it with his teeth, but more appropriately nowadays he uses his hands. The groom tosses the garter over his shoulder to the waiting unmarried men. The man who catches it takes the garter and slides it up the leg of the woman who caught the bride’s bouquet. It is said that the recipients of the garter and bouquet will be the next to marry (not necessarily to each other).

lise charmel, princesse de coeur, wedding leg garter

Lise Charmel, Princesse de Coeur, Wedding (Bridal) Leg Garter (above)

There are many beautiful wedding garters on the market. If you are opting for new wedding lingerie, your lingerie manufacturer may even offer matching garters. Select a traditional blue garter, one with charms, ribbons or lace. The stretch cloth garters are also available with custom embroidery for the bride’s initials.

privace please

Seduce Your Man With a Lace Boyshort

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Seduce Your Man With a Lace Boyshort
lise charmel precieux vintage

It is easy to choose lingerie you like, but it is not easy to choose the one you need. Lingerie is the body guard for women, which function is not only for convenient actions but also can adjust body figure, then how to choose healthy and beautiful lingerie among so many new hot lingerie. The sensuality involved in wearing lingerie entices, lures and excites any man.

seduce your man with a boyshort

Lace lingerie is a popular choice when shopping for women’s lingerie. The nice feel on a woman’s body makes the item a more enticing buy. From the excitement behind the experience to the thrill of the touch of the material, lace lingerie is a sure thing for a couple in the bedroom. The thrill of the material and the sex appeal of your loved one touching it, will continue to allow the lace lingerie in your life to do its job in the best way it can.

lise charmel, dentelle de fleurs, shorty, boyshort

Lise Charmel, Dentelle de Fleurs, Shorty (Boyshort) (above)

The only thing you have to decide is what kind of lingerie item you need to be in lace. A good alternative to plain panties or thongs are boyshorts. Similar to hot pants, which typically are longer and may be worn as outerwear, boyshorts are available in a variety of styles. Among the most popular type of boyshort is the traditional lace boyshort, followed by the low rise boyshort. Many women prefer the comfort of a boyshort over thongs and panties, as they provide greater coverage.

lise charmel, apres minuit, shorty, boyshort

Lise Charmel, Apres Minuit, Shorty (Boyshort) (above)

Simone Perele Palace Collection Boyshort has a flower motif placed asymmetrically on a fully embroidered tulle background enhanced with a piping at the waist giving you comfort and beauty at the same time. A nice pair of Palace Boyshorts is embellished with guipure. Try also Lise Charmel Allure de Star Collection when choosing the finest lace lingerie.

simone perele, palace, boyshort, shorty

Simone Perele, Palace, Boyshort, Shorty (above)

It is a line with charm and seduction for extreme refinement, embroidered tulle, encrusted rhinestone and placed embroidery. Lise Charmel Allure de Star Collection Black Shorty is the charm and the seduction for an extreme refinement in flexible and soft Lycra, overlaid pastes way Swarovski and placed embroidery, to be a real star!

simone perele, boyshort, shorty, nina, lagoon

Simone Perele, Nina, Lagoon, Boyshort (Shorty) (above)

Still looking for something seductive but romantic? Consider Simone Perele Nina Collection Boyshort. It is designed to make you feel more seductive. This everyday collection combines delicate floral lace with unique pleated accents for true comfort and elegance.

simone perele, nina, lagoon, boyshort, shorty

Simone Perele, Nina, Lagoon, Boyshort (Shorty), Back (above)

The feminine Nina Boyshort, designed in semi-sheer floral lace, hugs a woman’s curves to deliver a sensual fit. This sleek lace panty is designed for seduction. Lise Charmel Simplement Star Collection Shorty are stunning and elegant with silk and embroidered lace.
lise charmel, simplement star, boyshort, shorty

Lise Charmel, Simplement Star, Shorty (Boyshort) (above)

Association of silk sateen and haute couture lace on one side, and silky sateen and marching embroidery on the other side. A highly precious lingerie, golden work for sublime romantics. When it comes to real art, Lise Charmel Intrigue a Venise Collection is a synonym to lingerie art. Lise Charmel Intrigue a Venise Shorty is doing ideally like a boxer in size, while creating an effect “mid-buttock” very attractive and sophisticated. Boxer brief transparent floral tulle with guipure at the top of the shorty.

lise charmel, intrigue a venise, shorty, boyshort

Lise Charmel, Intrigue a Venise, Shorty (Boyshort) (above)

The Best Way to Complete Your Bridal Look

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The Best Way to Complete Your Bridal Look
lise charmel precieux vintage

Beyond bustiers and bras, there are lots of other kinds of lingerie you may be wearing for your wedding. Wedding tights, hold ups and stockings are sure to add that final touch to your wedding trousseau. Whether simple, sheer tights, lace top hold ups or the complete stocking and suspender ensemble is your thing.

sexy wedding tights

When selecting hosiery, it pays to go for quality apparel that is less likely to snag, tear, or droop as the day goes on. Some brides choose to buy a backup pair of hose for each member of their bridal parties, just in case someone gets a runner. If you love dancing barefoot, consider knee-highs that can be easily removed along with your shoes.

bridal tights

For the bride tradition suggests either white or ivory hosiery, and although these are not common colors they are readily available in “bridal” ranges. As an alternative there are ultra sheer nude tights are suggested to give that smooth tanned look. Even if your legs are smooth and tanned these quality tights will add a touch of class.

sheer black wedding tights

When shopping for good wedding tights, consider Italian brand Trasparenze. Eye catching and trend setting with their funky patterns and unique designs. The Italians pride themselves on the quality of their hosiery and this brand is no exception, they really are breathtaking with their amazing patterns and original look.

trasparenze joriki fashion tights

Try Trasparenze Athena Bridal Hold Ups. Bridal hold ups to die for, topped by a gorgeous lace band. Available in ivory, white, or pink if you want to be a little different. Shop also for Trasparenze Belle Epoque Suspender Tights. Gorgeous lace suspender belt that is attached to the stocking. The demand for this kind of hosiery is now so great we couldn’t resist these!

trasparenze Athena Bridal Hold Ups

The sexy look of stockings and suspender with the ease of tights. What more could a girl ask for! For a bold look try Trasparenze Chopin Fashion Footless Tights. Heavy lace patterns are really in this year and of course footless have never gone out of style. The best choice for brides searching for a different wedding ceremony.

Garter belts are also popular options, but be sure you find one that fits well and which won’t snap while you’re dancing! Consider Lejaby Belle de Jour suspender belt. an elastic quite lace line, where join the aspect guipure and the transparency of the point of snow. The work is meticulous, the detail is refined and is inspired by the wealth of a bridal dress!

simone perele suspender belt

Simone Perele Romance suspender belt is also a work of lingerie art. High quality fabrics ; ultra-comfort microfibre, exclusive embroidery design, guipure with delicate eyelets and multi-filament tulle that is luxuriously soft to the skin. Intricately fine guipure flowers decorate the straps, the center and the suspender belt for a timeless, elegant allure.

lise charmel eprise

When wearing a wedding dress, sometimes slips are taken into consideration. They help the dress to stay the way it should look. Moreover, the slip can be used as a seductive element when your wedding night comes nearer. Eprise collection by Lise Charmel presents Bonheur Melody nightie. If you want the first night of your marriage to be a success, try this new stunning Haute Couture range full of elegance and comfort.

lise charmel bonheur melody

You can also shop for Audabe Delicieuse Artiste nighty. This new Loungewear collection offers various very sexy shapes for wearing at home and for your loved one. The delicate, soft and comfortable pointelle or plain fabric has been specially treated for a cashmere touch.

garterbelt blue satin

Splendid Garter for a happier couple

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Splendid Garter for a happier couple
lise charmel precieux vintage

Lingerie Leg Garters are commonly used in weddings, as it is considered as an appealing factor and a wedding tradition in mostly areas. These garters play an important role in increasing the romance and seductive level of a couple. Due to this factor, its popularity is increasing day by day. The use of these garters has started many decades ago. People are frequently wearing and using the lingerie leg garter in weddings and other occasions of happiness.

leg garter

The French companies Lise Charmel, Simone Perele and Lejaby plays an important role in the promotion and increases usage of these garters. Their wedding garter for a bride is usually made up of fabric, cotton or leather. These lingerie garters are available in different colors, styles and design; this is ultimately increasing the attractiveness of these garters in weddings. Lingerie leg garters are mostly worn on the brides’ right leg above the knee and around the thigh under the wedding dress.

lovely wedding garter

A century ago, people were using these garters for holding up a woman’s stockings, but as the time passes, people start wearing it in weddings as a fashion and for romantic purpose. In modern world, many brides wear the leg garter in cream or in bluish color, as it seems very appealing and charming on a bride’s leg. The groom or husband are also very attracted to garters.

sexy garter belts

In many countries, wearing garter is considered as a tradition in weddings. The bride tosses her garter and the bachelors will have to catch it. A lucky bachelor catching this garter is considered to marry next. Many brides wear two garters, one she throws and the second one is saved as a keepsake.

bachelor catching

The tradition of wearing and tossing a bridal garter continues to be observed and enjoyed by many couples today. There are numerous garters available in different color, style, and personalization of the contemporary garter; these innovations and creativity is maintaining its demands among the new brides Garters are worn by both men and women. This is increasing the market of these leg garters. Many fashionable people are using it. These leg garters are available world wide at a very affordable price

garter belts size plus

Garter Belts is a variety or a type in a garter, it is very common among the men’s and women’s. Many fashionable people are using these attractive garter belts for attracting and sex appealing purpose. Many garter belts are made of a mixture of nylon and spandex, this gives more comfort and softness as compared to the panty house; this is allowing the new generation to use these belts for practical or functional purposes also. The garter belts are available in different splendid designs and unique structure. The most popular colors are red and black satin. These belts give a chick and romantic look to your personality.

garter belt

Welcome Fall with Trasparenze A Journey to Japan

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Welcome Fall with Trasparenze A Journey to Japan
lise charmel precieux vintage
Footless tights or Capri tights are very much a current trend, worn by all the fashion conscious celebrities. They are great dressed up with heels or dressed down with flat ballet pumps. Wear them with smart dresses or casual tunics or denim minis, they look great every day or for special occasions, in fact just about any time.
sexy tights
Great for both casual daywear and dressing up for nights out, footless tights and leggings are so easy to wear, making them a favorite amongst high street fashionistas and celebrities alike. Step out in style in a pair of Footless tights. A gorgeous alternative to normal tights, the range of Footless leggings will let you make the ultimate fashion statement. Why not step into a contemporary look for work and team your normal office outfit with a pair of black Footless tights, or wow your friends on an evening out in bright colored leggings.
trasparenze joriki fashion tights
Footless leggings have made their comeback with a bang! They are, in fact, a wardrobe staple these days. If you want to spice up your wardrobe you could always go for a pair of Trasparenze Seisho Tights. Welcome Fall with these stylish embroidered leggings! Fabulously soft and resistant, perfect for warmer days. If you prefer matte footless tights, try Trasparenze Kuma Tights. A classic best seller, 100 denier opaque footless tights, very resistant perfect for everyday wear!
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Get ready to attract your beloved with Trasparenze Odeline Fashion Leggings. Pretty and an easy product to wear these lovely leggings from Trasparenze are practical and yet very trendy. Worn with strappy sandals they can look fabulous. A double flounce cuff at the ankle gives them a lovely feminine look and feel. Are you up-to-date with the fashion world? If yes, you must be aware that the Joriki tights from Trasparenze are a real must have for any woman in Summer.
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They add that special touch of glamour that we all strive to achieve and being a sheer 8 denier tight they are like a whisper against your skin. These tights have open toes but are held neatly in place by a soft elastic part that sits nicely around the toes. There is a loop that goes around the big toe and keeps everything just so. Perfect for peep toed shoes and sandals. Also great if you`ve just had a pedicure and want to show off your gorgeous feet.
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If you want to wear one of those great leggings or tights, but still want to flaunt your open-toed heels, footless tights and leggings are the right choice. They slim your legs, while letting you reveal your fabulous feet. Wear classic black or go for bold in bright, opaque colours. Wear animal print or lace, or follow the celebs and go for on-trend wet look leggings. Religion do some fabulous black footless wet look leggings, they are super shiny and reflect the light well to flatter your legs. They look fabulous teamed with a baggy top and heels, as they are totally rock ‘n’ roll.
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